Parents' Rights Now!

TEACHERS HAVE HAD IT! Student Behavior Gets an "F"

January 27, 2022 Suzanne Gallagher Season 2 Episode 102
Parents' Rights Now!
TEACHERS HAVE HAD IT! Student Behavior Gets an "F"
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TEACHERS HAVE HAD IT! Student Behavior Gets an "F"

  • I had to break up a fight today and requested security and they never came. It's ridiculous. 
  • I absolutely dread coming to work due to the toxic, unsafe work environment. The behavior of students is 
  • out of control and the consequences or expectations for student behavior is tremendously lacking. Our 
  • admin are not implementing consequences to behavior that creates change for students. 
  • ●  High school teachers are getting no support. Halls are out of control. Kids are running the school. 
  • Vandalism, fights, hate speech and these are all supposed to be managed by teachers. 

 Extreme acts of destruction--especially the bathrooms. Language and other disrespectful behaviors are rampant in halls and classrooms. Concern is the expectation that we work on relationships with the students as the solution. Members believe this is important and necessary, BUT relationship building won't work in discontinuing the unwanted behavior unless it is paired with consequences. Additionally, restorative justice measures won't work if a member has no relationship with a student that is not in their classroom, but with whom they are trying to enforce expectations of kindness. 

  • If the education system continues this way I would consider it in a couple of years. 
  •  I am looking for other jobs, but also feel guilty as the kids need seasoned teachers. We already have too many new staff who need support and are drowning in teaching this year. 
  • I have wondered if this is specific to our district. I have been very seriously looking for work outside of our district for next year. 
  • I wanted to work several more years. Don't know if this is sustainable, however. 
  • Working for one school for my career in the hardest arena does not feel valued. Loyalty is no longer appreciated in this district. 
  • There are many days where I have considered leaving teaching if I could find a job in a different field that paid the same. I love teaching, but I just work way too many hours outside of my contract hours. 
  • I would not agree to another year here under the same curricular conditions if I thought I could find a different job. 
  • I used to love this job, but I cannot sustain this type of stress beyond this year. 
  • I would not have thought that a school year could be more difficult than the past two school years, but it is! 
  • Will it continue on this trajectory? I'm not sure I want to continue to experience these working conditions for too many more years and not be compensated. I have hope that systemic changes will eventually happen to lighten the burden. I'm not sure how much longer I want to wait for things to improve. The job market is decent, with my master's degree and experiences it has crossed my mind to find a new career path. 
  • I have talked with several veteran teachers who are wondering if they should stay in this career, which is heartbreaking because they are excellent teachers and absolute professionals. 

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