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Parents' Rights Now!

Suzanne Gallagher

PARENTS’ RIGHTS IN EDUCATION is committed to valuing students, empowering parents and supporting communities to secure great educations for public school children in America. A tax-deductible non-profit organization established in 2011, PRIE has inspired parents all over the nation and beyond to restore parents’ rights in education. PRIE welcomes all students, families, and community members who care about scholastic success for K-12 public school students. Though PRIE families comes from all different backgrounds and from across the political spectrum, we are all united by our love of learning and the possibilities for success in life available to all students through scholarship.Parents’ Have Legal RightsParents have always had legal rights, upheld by five Supreme Court decisions clearly stating parents have the right to direct the education of their children. The only thing new about parental rights today, is a seemingly coordinated effort playing out in headlines, to usurp and undermine the role of family within our communities. PRIE strives for the return of community values properly represented and reflected in school policies, without the current trend of coercion and reprisal as concerns are voiced. Public school boards were created to reflect the values of their community, and to defend and represent the people, providing a bridge between policy makers and taxpaying stakeholders. PRIE believes families are the most important stakeholders. Parents’ voices matter!Academics - School is for School, All Day!PRIE's mission is to ensure that public schools are safe environments for all students, inspiring and uniting all students as scholars. Parents want their children learning all day long.Public schools today have strayed from academics, removing art, drama, and other humanities, as well as access to practical life skills, including introductions to trades. Parents expect their children to attend school to learn academics, not be politically activated. Uniting students with the focus on academics is job #1 in schools. We oppose labeling anyone, especially children, as that divides them at a time when an environment of acceptance is critical to their development. School board members are elected officials who represent the community and parents of students. It is the responsibility of the school board to know exactly what is being taught. PRIE wants to restore the relationship of accountability of school boards to parents. Those parental rights have been circumvented by school boards, who are often pressured by outside interests such as superintendents, teachers unions, and other political groups.Medical Treatments and CounselingPRIE protects the rights of parents to be involved in medical decisions of their minor children. Schools should not facilitate medical treatments or procedures without written permission by parents or guardians.
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