Parents' Rights Now!

TEACHERS HAVE HAD IT! Overworked With Non-Academia, Data, and More

January 25, 2022 Suzanne Gallagher Season 2 Episode 101
Parents' Rights Now!
TEACHERS HAVE HAD IT! Overworked With Non-Academia, Data, and More
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Teacher Questionnaire, TTSD, Oregon

"I absolutely dread coming to work due to the toxic, unsafe work environment. The behavior of students is out of control and the consequences or expectations for student behavior is tremendously lacking. Our admin are not implementing consequences to behavior that creates change for students. 

●  Stop the focus on data, data, data 

●  The fact that the district has decided to throw a ridiculous amount of initiatives at us in these conditions reveals a real lack of understanding about best practices in education overall, but especially for these times. 

●  Constant messaging of "you are not doing enough" for students. Be equitable! Give them slack! It's OK if they miss class! (but don't give them a low grade). No support for academics. More meetings. More interference by admin in our department's day-to-day decision making. "

"Students are stressed and they are really struggling in a leveled class like I teach. Administrators are not supportive. There is an attitude that if students are dropping your class it is because you are not doing enough to support them. They are not considering the fact that many students basically took last year off. 

●  So much on our plates, and the district says, "Take care of yourselves." I'd love them to take some stuff off our plates so we might have time to take care of ourselves. 

●  We need to stop pretending that we can "catch kids up" to previous expectations with content and testing. 

●  On top of all the other craziness in our building, we also have zero support in enforcing basic expectations of students being safe, respectful, and responsible. Our student body is so far below the standard of basic human decency and that rests squarely on our staff and the leadership in our building. It's ridiculously unsafe this year. Throw in the added danger of COVID-19 and we are at untenable levels of safety issues. "

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