Parents' Rights Now!

NEWBERG, OREGON: STOP the Shannon & Brown Recall

January 13, 2022 Suzanne Gallagher Season 2 Episode 98
Parents' Rights Now!
NEWBERG, OREGON: STOP the Shannon & Brown Recall
Show Notes

January 18th: Recall Election to remove Dave Brown and Brian Shannon, two good school board members on the NEWBERG Board

This vote has huge implications not only for Oregon, but for school districts across the nation.

Newberg is at the Center of What is Happening Statewide

There is an effort to radicalize, sexualize, and recruit our children by a socialist, progressive movement


As reported by the Northwest Observer, "since March 13, 2017, has set their eyes on taking over public schools in western Oregon. They began by publishing a handbook, Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda. The book advocates for using paper terrorism tactics to harass politicians and private companies into supporting far left “progressive” causes, such as Critical race theory."

PRIE reported on the political chaos perpetrated on the Newberg school board when they passed a banner policy requiring only the US and state flags be on permanent display.

It is now evident that, who formed local chapters across the state, including Yamhill county, is behind the completely inappropriate response to the policy.  The local group, Progressive Yamhill is behind the recall of two Newberg School Board members, Dave Brown and Brian Shannon.
The Media Coordinator for the group in defense of the board members, Say NO to the Recalls Campaign, says “these progressive organizations are sending their people into small-town America, to flip the underbelly of our communities upside down. They are taking over all local committee seats, elected seats, school board seats...The Newberg School Board is being harassed, threatened and sued while the campaign to oust these conservative members is funded with out-of-state progressive Hollywood money funding the recall cause.” is aiming at more than the school board. In January 2019 Casey Kulla was elected Yamhill County Commissioner and recently announced his candidacy for Governor. In cooperation with Progressive Yamhill members, Kulla introduced a motion for Yamhill County to adopt an “inclusivity resolution” with the goal of implementing Critical Race Theory employee training to the County departments.

According to the Observer, "Dave Brown and Brian Shannon have received death threats,...and are facing multiple lawsuits."

It's no stretch to claim student graduation rates decline, and parents are removing their children to protect them from radical political promotion.

In addition, since the Superintendent was terminated for refusing to implement the new banner policy, his assistant and board administrator resigned in solidarity. The Newberg school district is in trouble, and for what? Obviously, will stop at nothing to take control, even destroy K-12 public schools!

The Yamhill Advocate now has evidence that the Oregon Education Association, the largest teacher union in Oregon, is also using its membership to influence the recall election.

This email from Oregon Education Association to all of its members was leaked to the Yamhill Advocate. It that clearly shows they are using their membership to organize people to go door to door, asking them to vote yes on the recall. 

It is illegal under Oregon law for teac

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