Parents' Rights Now!


September 07, 2021 Suzanne Gallagher Season 1 Episode 81
Parents' Rights Now!
Show Notes

NY Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez DID NOT "vacation" in Newberg


Ryan Clark of the Portland Tribune reported the far left representative from the Big Apple just happened to be in the area last week for vacation. We don’t believe it. But, that isn’t the real story.

What IS real, is the shocking attack on 4 decent office holders on the Newberg School Board. Held in May of this year, Board elections resulted in the addition of two new members, Renee Powell and Trevor DeHart. The new majority including Dave Brown, and Brian Shannon can now make some bold changes to policy, and they are dong it. 

Isn’t that what happens in our form of government? We elect representatives and they vote. The vote may not be what we all want, but citizens are to adhere to specific protocols when dissenting viewpoints are expressed. At the very least, they are to be civil.

Brian Shannon, Board Vice Chairman is straightforward and reminded his fellow board members of the fact, they won the election, and majority rules. The Left doesn't care about protocol. "To hell with the election," they say! They kick and scream until they get their way. What they really want is for students to rebel against their parents AND their government. Public schools have become distribution centers for far leftists, and the idea of losing ground is frightening for them, and it shows.

"Cancel Culture" on steroids.

Wanting to keep classrooms neutral when it comes to political flags and banners, the four (4) majority members have been under attack for recommending the US National flag and the Oregon state flag be the only flags on permanent display in the school buildings, which is state law and recommended policy by the Oregon School Board Association.Portland-style Progressive activists did not disappoint, with their usual unkind verbal attacks and coordinated “cancel culture” strategies. ...

Divide and conquer?
The display of a myriad of flags representing political organizations, (Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ) are divisive, and creates potential issues between K-12 students, who are not even of voting age. It is obvious these issues are controversial, and even more disturbing not age appropriate or academic.BLM in School specifically takes issue with capitalism (honest work), and divides races based on skin color encouraging the collective, not the individual. In addition BLM is known to recruit minor students to participate in protest demonstrations, breaking laws if necessary. Parents and voters in the district expressed specific concern about this issue. That is why the board members won their election. What about their wishes? When in enough, enough? Recognize the absolute blatant hypocrisy of the Progressive Left.  When they lose an election, they cannot be civil, and honor the very governmental system in which they work. Oregonians should know by now, they are being played by packs of community thugs and bullies!Fortunately, these four board members will not be intimidated or deterred in their promises to stop the takeover of their school and community. At least this election was fair…they won!

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