Parents' Rights Now!

FRIENDLY ACTIVIST ADVICE, "Aren't We ALL Working Together?"

January 23, 2022 Suzanne Gallagher Season 2 Episode 100
Parents' Rights Now!
FRIENDLY ACTIVIST ADVICE, "Aren't We ALL Working Together?"
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Aren’t We All Working Together?

“Are you working together, with all the other similar activist groups?” It’s a common phrase we often hear amongst groups large and small. Why wouldn’t we want to work together?  We don’t dare say,  “no.”

The challenge to this question is multifaceted. 

What does “working together mean? Does it mean we agree with everything other groups do, just to get along? Does it mean we don’t take exception to some opinions about policy we disagree with, so as not to appear confrontational? Does it mean we do or don’t “like” some groups, or individuals in them? And if we disagree on some things, is that divisive? Who has the last say about your organization?

In a climate where so many folks are joining the “movement” it is incumbent  on all of us to understand and practice simple guidelines when interacting with likeminded groups. Just as you would when joining a a business association, it is vital for all involved to practice the Golden Rule showing respect and common curtesy... 

We encourage others to access our information, however in the spirit of respect and cooperation, ask unaffiliated groups to ask permission and give credit where credit is due... 

PRIE works with many other groups nationwide, and we share mutual respect, and cooperation. 

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